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You have a place here.

Come and rest, recharge, and be restored.

Everyone deserves to have a safe place to land and rest. Our bodies and minds were not meant to be in a constant state of survival, stress, or activity. This burden to always be moving and proving ourselves is exacerbated for folks who hold marginalized identities and navigate their day-to-day lives in a world that often brings about additional unspoken stresses and anxieties.

Whether you hold a marginalized identity or not, you are welcome here. We hope The Perch Counseling Services can be a place for you to land, rest, and strengthen your metaphorical wings to soar even higher.

Services Offered

Individual Therapy
Play Therapy
Support Groups

Renowned psychotherapist Peter Levine once said, "Trauma is what happens in the absence of an empathic witness." You deserve a safe space for your story to be heard, held, and witnessed.

Traditional talk therapy is not always the most effective for children whose brains are still developing, so play, art, and somatic-based therapies provide opportunities for your children to heal, grow, and thrive.

Breakthrough and healing can happen exponentially in groups with folks who share similar life experiences and identities as you. Join a community of people who get it and can help remove those feelings of aloneness.

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